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Profilsax CM SC

Stud cutter Classic

Stud cutter Classic

Stud cutter Classic is an indispensible tool for cutting steel bars and rails.

We have several different models built to the same basic design. STD, N (Norwegian) and XR are examples of different models.

Profilsax CM SC

Stud cutter Classic STD is our standard design. It can cut 12 different sizes or variations of bars and rails. There is no need for adjustment when transferring to a new size.


The blades are manufactured from hardened steel, which is laser-cut and then polished. This produces very high quality and precision and leads to increased longevity. If the knives do wear out over time, they are simple to replace.

During use off-cuts are produced which are collected in a container underneath. After having used the stud cutter the off-cut container should be checked to see if it needs emptying.

The Stud cutter Classic is constructed on a base using a robust steel extrusion. This is pre-drilled to allow attachment to a work bench or trolley.

The shaft of the stud cutter becomes a carrying handle during transport.


A hole punch (ø 30 mm) can be purchased as an accessory to the stud cutter. The hole punch folds in the edges of the holes and prevents injury from the otherwise sharp edges.


Stud cutter Classic is CE-certified and tested for safety by TÜV. Further information on our certificates can be found here.


We have on several occasions provided clients with customised stud cutters.

If you have a custom requirement for a stud cutter for your specific rails then please contact us!

Profilsax CM SC


10 kg
1000 × 165 × 150 mm