ABOUT US CMC Sweden AB was founded in 1970 in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden.

Over the first 20 years, the business was divided into two areas:

  • Design and manufacture of advanced specialized machinery. Customers were largely in Swedish heavy industries, e.g., Electrolux, Atlas Copco, SAB Automotive etc.
  • Development and manufacture of ergonomic tools and aids for the construction industry.

During the 1990s, when investment in industry decreased sharply, the concept of ergonomics became more prominent. The company’s exports of the CM70S panel lift and the CM-SC stud cutter increased in several markets.
Increased awareness in the construction sector of the risks of serious strain injury from handling heavy construction materials, such as plasterboard, contributed to an increasing interest in our tools and aids. Various public authorities for occupational health and safety, such as the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, the Laboratory for Construction Ergonomics (Byggergonomi Laboratoriet) and the Centre for Construction Health (Bygghälsan) have shown great interest and helped with evaluations of our products.

CMC Sweden has entered its sixth decade, and our curiosity and the spirit of innovation continues to live on in the company. Our inherited knowledge, combined with responsiveness to the customer’s needs and ambitious product development, continuously drives us forward.
We always try to work closely with our customers to create dialogue and a high level of flexibility.
All of our production is in Varberg, just as it has been since the beginning. And although production methods have of course changed significantly over 50 years, the goal remains the same. To offer our customers efficient and easy-to-work with tools of the highest quality.