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Stud Cutter Omni

Stud Cutter Omni

Flexible cutting

Our Stud Cutter Classic has long been an indispensable tool for cutting steel bars and rails. Now we’re launching the Stud Cutter Omni. With this new product, we’re able to let your work adapt to your needs to an even greater extent. You can now use the same base unit for all your work, while adding and swapping cartridges for precise and flexible cutting of most of the steel bars and rails available on the market.

Profiles for your need

While using the same robust base unit you can swap cartridges easily. The already simple operation and usage of the Stud Cutter Classic is improved even further with the help of our interchangeable cartridges. Based on your current need you can use a specific cartridge for each type of bar or rail. If you need to cut a different kind of steel bar or rail, you can simply swap to a different cartridge with a simple operation and keep cutting.

Swap cartridge, keep the base unit

There are two primary advantages of using the new Stud Cutter Omni. First of all, it increases the flexibility of the cutting by letting each user decide which cartridge to use for any given cutting need. Second, you will no longer have to buy a new base unit when you need to cut a new type of steel bar – you simply buy a new cartridge. This means that you will always be able to easily add new cartridges to your set as new needs arise.

The shaft is designed for optimal ergonomics which makes operating the Omni as comfortable as possible. Additionally, the shaft has a latch that locks it in place and lets you use it as a carrying handle during transport.

The Stud Cutter Omni is constructed on a base using a robust steel extrusion. This is pre-drilled to allow attachment to a work bench or trolley, for example.

The cutting blades are manufactured from hardened steel which is laser cut and polished. This results in very high quality and precision and guarantees a long life span. The cutting blades are easily replaces should they wear down over time.

Convenient box

As an accessory for Stud Cutter Omni, we have developed a convenient box where you can store three cartridges of any type. Just choose the cartridges you need, put them in the box and bring them along to your workplace.


Weight base unit
9,5 kg
Weight cartridge
1,8 kg
Total weight
11,3 kg