CMC Sweden AB


About CMC


CMC Sweden AB was founded in 1970 in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. For the first 20 years the business had two main areas of focus:

During the 90’s when investment in specialized machinery fell greatly, ergonomics assumed more importance. The company saw an increase in exports to several European markets of both the boardlift CM70 SG and our stud cutter CM-SC.


Increasing understanding of the risks of serious injury during the handling of heavy building supplies, for example plasterboard sheets has led to a growth in interest in our tools and aids. Different public institutions in the building sector, for example the Board for Workers Protection, the Laboratory for Construction Ergonomics (BEL) and the Building Health Institute have shown great interest in our products and have helped to evaluate them.

Our ambition and our expertise have led to a steady increase of sales and export. Our goal is to constantly provide our clients with products of the highest quality.