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Boardlift Ergo

Boardlift Ergo

Let’s ease your workload

Our boardlift, CM70, has been a great success since the launch in 1970 and a much appreciated aid at construction sites all over the world. We have sold more than 35 000 boardlifts in Scandinavia alone and the market for our product is steadily growing.

As more people get their hands on our boardlift, we’ve come to realize that we don’t have to settle for good – we can make it even better. That’s why we have developed Ergo, an accessory that makes working with our Boardlift CM70 even easier. The accessory enables you to tilt the yoke which lets you load plaster boards and other material at a comfortable level.

Several improvements

Ergo simplifies your work in several ways:

The Ergo’s loading arms can be adjusted to fit plaster boards that are 900 and 1200 mm wide. When you’ve loaded the plaster board and tilted the Ergo back to it’s original position, the Ergo remains in place and won’t be in the way as you lift the load to the ceiling.

Value added or add value

You can order the Ergo as a separate accessory for your current boardlifts or as a complete kit, mounted on a new CM70. The Ergo accessory is compatible with your current boardlift, and it’s very easy to mount.


Weight Ergo accessory
12,5 kg
Weight Boardlift with Ergo
37,5 kg
Minimum loading height
100 cm