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Boardlift CM70

Overload Prevention CM-OP1

CM-OP1 Overload Prevention CM-OP1 Overload Prevention

Extension module CM-EM750

Förlängningsmodul CM-EM750

The extension module increases the boardlift’s reach by 750 mm and increases the maximum height from 3.2 m to 3.95 m.

Adjustable yoke CM-FY1

Ledbart okfäste CM-FY1

The adjustable yoke allows for the mounting of plasterboard sheets in angled ceilings. Works on all ceilings up to 30°.

Yoke fixing CM-YH

Okhållare CM-YH Bild 1 Okhållare CM-YH Bild 2

The yoke fixing is mounted on the main pillar and holds the yoke in place when not in use. This simplifies transportation and storage of the lift.

Round yoke CM-RY

Round Yoke CM-RY

The round yoke is used mainly to install panels, small sheets, ventilation and air-conditioning in ceilings. The yoke is 70 cm in diameter and simple to work with.

Stud cutter Classic

Hole punch CM-HE

Hålstans CM-HE Bild 1 Hålstans CM-HE Bild 2

The hole punch allows for quick and simple hole punching in metal studs. The hole has a diameter of 30 mm.? The metal folds are pressed inwards which prevents injury on the otherwise sharp edges.