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CMC Sweden AB is ISO-certified according to FR2000 and our experienced employees have risen to many technical challenges through the years.?The company has for over 40 years manufactured specialised machinery for big industries and ergonomically designed equipment for the building industry.

Modern machinery

Over the last few years the company has invested heavily in new machinery, for example a new cnc-lathe and an advanced large capacity cnc-mill.

Amongst our cnc-controlled machines we have mills and multi-operation machines from First, Kiwa and XYZ. We use both ISO and Heidenhain programming. Our presses include two off-centre presses, an air press with a 35 ton capacity and a hydraulic press with a 130 ton capacity. We also have manual drills, mills, an engraver and a grinder.

Lego – maskinpark #1 Lego – maskinpark #2 Lego – maskinpark #3

Furthermore we have a complete welding division qualified to perform all normal welding requirements.

Our modern machinery affords us great flexibility in producing milled and lathed details in most materials and sizes.


If you supply us with technical specifications for your product we are able to begin immediate production. CNC-machines with manual adjustments allow short lead times and flexible delivery dates. We can also manufacture tools and fixtures.

Prototypes and short runs

We always ensure that while producing prototypes or short production runs we adapt the product to suit later full scale production. We also check to see if the product can be simplified for use in the final assembly.

Lego – prototyp #1 Lego – prototyp #2 Lego – prototyp #3

What can we do for you?

We’d be glad to help you with:

We can also supply design, development and CAD-construction of new products thereby offering a fully comprehensive solution.

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We work with all normal file formats and use Solidworks during construction.

There are no material limitations in our production.? We work with all normal metal and plastic materials.

Our goal is to create and maintain a long term relationship with our clients. By contacting us at an early stage you gain access to our wide experience of technical production.

In conjunction with our clients we like to develop the most cost-efficient means of production. This not only ensures lower costs but also shorter lead times.

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We can also offer engraving and high detailed milling in all conventional material including plastic, brass and stainless steel.

We can engrave signs for most requirements, from one-offs to medium size serial production, for example product labelling, electrical installations and machine signage. We are also able to mill prototypes for circuit boards etc, at short notice.

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