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Boardlift CM70

Boardlift CM70

Boardlift CM70 does all the hard work for you, prevents injury and provides an organised working environment. It also increases productivity and consequently lowers labour costs.

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The boardlift is a positioning tool which is primarily used to simplify the mounting of plasterboard in ceilings.

It is also used for example in the installation of ventilation ducts and roof framing.
The boardlift is light and elegant, is simple to move from one site to the next and easily fits in most vehicles.


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The lift comprises three main parts, the base, the lift and the collar. No tools are required for assembly or disassembly.

All the components of the lift, apart from the pinion, chain and similar details are either galvanized or epoxy coated. All external tube ends are fitted with plastic knobs to prevent damage to walls and ceilings when in use.

The base is fitted with five wheels (ø 100 mm).

The lift uses a large control wheel (ø 400 mm) to ensure safe and easy raising of the load. The wheel also allows easy positioning, for example when a plaster sheet is to be fitted to a ceiling.

The safety lever is released by thumb pressure on lowering, but is engaged automatically if any upward movement is detected. The thumb catch is located securely near the control wheel.

The lift post is located in an adjustable mounting on the base which also helps when the lift is to be manoeuvred. For example when a plasterboard sheet is to be installed.


The Boardlift CM70 is CE-certified and safety-tested and certified by TÜV. Further information on our certificates can be found here.


Accessories for the lift are available, for example a circular collar for working in confined spaces or for mounting smaller panels, ventilation etc. There is also an adjustable collar holder when working with angled ceilings, for example in attics. Further information on these accessories can be found here.


Wwe have on several occasions supplied clients with custom made lifts for specific uses. If you have special requirements or any queries regarding this then please contact us. Please take a look under Make it yours for inspiration and ideas.


25 kg
0,75 × 1,80 m
Maximum lift height
3,2 m
Max allowed centre load
70 kg